Domu Antiga


Sardinia has so many tastes to tell and pass on, through the cooking methods that represent an uncountable wealth for its people. Here at Domu Antiga with our cook Maria Grazia we organize
cooking lessons to spread the rich knowledge of the techniques, knowledge and artisanal skills that Sardinia and especially the Sarcidano possesses. Sardinia might even have the most international of all cuisines for its long history of mixing between diverse cultures that have sailed the Mediterranean but at the same time remained deeply rooted to its local identity.


At Domu Antiga interested guests may participate in a workshop in cheese making to learn how to transform milk into cheese using age old techniques for the creation of cheese. In a space in the house specifically dedicated to the workshops, Samuel will guide the students-guests, to use the antique instruments of the cheese maker, to transform milk into Sardinia’s famous pecorino cheese and the delicacy that is ricotta cheese, the same magic that was handed down by the very Nuraghe themselves.


We also offer the possibility to learn how to make traditional bread: su civraxiu and su cocoi. The guests who might be interested can learn all the steps of bread making: the flour, sourdough starter, the decoration and how to bake the bread in a traditional oven, no small task! You can also learn how to make all the different types of bread traditionally made in Gergei like bread with ricotta, bread with “gerda” (pieces of lard) and bread with faba beans. Also on request we offer workshops on Sardinian sweets like amaretti, pardule, piricchittus, biscotti etc.


We organize treks in nature with the company of our donkey friends where we can enjoy simple hikes of an hour or two through our forests, along paths that are both alternative and adventurous, historic and naturalistic, following the traces of long gone mule trails. In this trek the donkey is the perfect companion; serene, slow, sociable, sensitive, curious and able to take us closer to nature to be able to better observe all the beauty that surrounds us. In the presence of our four legged friends, sharing and dialogue come easier and naturally, transforming the hike into a chance for a true discovery.

In alternative we also offer treks on mountain bike according to the request we can visit the Giara and its wild horses and the nuraghic complex at Barumini (approx. 6-7 hours) as a full day excursion or we also offer a half day excursion we cross a piece of countryside with olive trees and vineyards which lead us to the river bed of “Rio Mannu” in a naturalistic ride that returns us to the stupendous natural waterfalls of the “Is Corropus” returning home we can quench our thirsts from pure water spring of “Monte Trempu” renowned since antiquity for its beneficial properties (approx. 3-4 hours). All excursions include a sack lunch, beverage and water. Other types of treks can all be organized with our friend Andrea who has helped so many of our guests truly discover these beautiful natural areas of Gergei and make your experience at Domu Antiga unforgettable.