Alghero Resort Country Hotel

A Place of well-being dedicated to those travelers in search of stories, customs and landscapes of Sardinia where history and tradition become hospitality.

An ancient country house transformed into a family friendly Country Hotel, situated in a valley a few miles from Alghero city center and beaches, for those seeking a special energy to spend moments of relaxation during their holidays.

An oasis of silence, a resort hotel for breaks or holidays in complete relax and comfort, a Restaurant where you can savor the tastes of Mediterranean dishes. Sporting and Spa to rejuvenating your mind and your body, to offer well-being, tranquility and charm to make it even more unique your travel experience.

The hotel is distinguished by its history, its location and the care that the property and staff has dedicated to guests and for the respect of the traditions

22 rooms that make up the resort all with private entrance, are located on the ground floor (overlooking the courtyard),and the first floor overlooking the green valley ;

The large, bright rooms with comfortable bathrooms, are equipped with typical Sardinian furniture, curtains, ceramic lamps made by artisans from different areas of Sardinia.
Each room has its own name which recalls the life lived in ancient dwelling: wines, horses and typical Mediterranean plants.

biscuits, cakes and many other small homemade delights, welcome you in the restaurant and garden. To accompany them: fresh milk and yogurt, fresh fruit, juices and jams produced in the territory of Alghero.
A variety of honeys, selected in different areas of the island, recounting the ancient tradition of beekeeping in Sardinia. In the table the pleasant taste of caramelized Abbamele, one of the oldest food products of the rural culture of Sardinia,
obtained from prolonged cooking of honeycomb (containing honey and pollen). A small corner of the buffet is dedicated to taste more savory.

The restaurant "Il Carrubo" of Alghero Resort is visited by gourmets and lovers of typical Mediterranean flavors.

At the table we tell tales of the island’s oldest daily bread that accompany our food, a journey of flavours of the island of Sardinia, where life moves slowly, where time seems to not to pass and where you live 100 years and more.

The careful selection of products, the use of the seasonal products ,the revisting of traditional dishes with a modern twist, these are the ingredients that make the food of Alghero Resort a destination of lovers of Mediterranean flavors.

What we propose every day in our table depends on what we brought in the kitchen after the excursion between the small villages of the territory, from what the local market offers and the fruit.

That the local farmers offer. Our food are always accompanied by excellent wines from small wineries of local producers.

A stay, an afternoon at the Resort is a journey of scents and flavors a great experience drawn from the products of the island that moves from the table to the Spa to write a tale of Sardinia between wellness, wine & food.

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