Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru

Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru is a 10 year old love story that continues to repeat itself, day after day.

Located in the heart of the Costa Smeralda, an area famous for it’s enchanting beaches and incomparable sea with everchanging colours complimenting the labyrinths of granite rocks and so forming beautiful panoramas, Stazzu Lu Ciaccaru is a truly magical place surrounded by 32 hectares of natural parkland, where one can escape from reality and the frenetic daily bustle amidst the shade of ancient olive trees modelled in to fantastic shapes over time by the wind.

This wonderful retreat is the idea of Geraldina, a Florentine lawyer, who strongly felt the call of her mother’s origins and for whom it was so important to restore life and energy to this rural area and who recounts: Sardinia is an island rich in local traditions and culture. In the old Stazzo, traditional residence of the Gallurese shepherds, built around 1850, my grandfather was born and it is here that I spent some unforgettable moments of my childhood. The magic and beauty of this luxurious countryside are the reasons that drove me to share them with you, in a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. I consider hospitality to be a great privilege and I would very much like to get the chance to open up my home and let you enjoy the best that my land can offer. The countryside, the rocks, the sea, the wide open skies are breathtakingly beautiful. Relaxation consists of simply breathing in the scents of the Mediterranean air, rosemary and wild olive trees that spread their perfume in the cool early morning, during the hot afternoon and then again at dusk and through the night in a continuous chain of intensity.

At Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru you will find two country villas, a selection of refined rooms, recalling the original architecture of the farmhouse but all with modern facilities, a fitness area with sauna in a characteristic straw roofed hut, another hut where you may be pampered with massages ensuring complete relaxation and inner well-being, three swimming pools (one private), a terrace bar where you can enjoy a drink at sunset surrounded by the spectacular granite scenery of Punta Li Palazzi and Monti Ruiu, a restaurant with a panoramic terrace overlooking the surrounding countryside where you can enjoy the taste of traditional dishes, often with a modern twist, using local products and, where possible, fresh vegetables and herbs from our ecological garden.

This ancient buiding has been restored with beautiful natural woods and impressive beams, granite stone covering the walls and straw matting lining the ceilings. These carefully chosen traditional local materials, matched with the coloured paintwork, the hand painted murals, the luxurious furnishings, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A nostalgic atmosphere can be found in the old farmhouse, a building that has been lovingly renovated with a spacious lounge and open fireplace, three double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a private swimming pool set in the superb greenery.

Cucina e tradizioni del luogo
Completamente rinnovato nei colori e negli arredi il ristorante con la sua ampia veranda esterna e la suggestiva piazzetta panoramica invita i propri ospiti a gustare, a lume di candela ,oltre ai tipici piatti galluresi una cucina di ricerca che combina tradizione, qualità e semplicità.
Prima di cena per un aperitivo oppure per finire la serata gli ospiti hanno a disposizione un'ampia terrazza bar con vista mozzafiato sulle montagne circostanti

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