Boutique Sardinia is also a showcase of emerging artists and will give them the opportunity to exhibit their works both on the web site and in the hotels of the circuit. The inauguration of the Arts Space is with the, photographs of Gabriele Doppiu


Doppiu was born in Sardinia, where he lives and works. He is deeply in love with his homeland, and he feels it as his big home. Self-taught photographer, he improved his technique with the study of specialized texts and with the comparison with great photographers and lots and lots of practice. He is a fond lover of new challenges, he has always been interested in the stories of the people he meets on his journeys and the places they live. With his shots he manages to blend true life and colors with the sacred severity of tradition. In his shots he brings to the highest beauty women and children and brings up to eternal life the looks of men that tell of sacrifice and suffering. According to his philosophy, photography is sacrifice and at the end satisfaction.