Domu Antiga

Domu Antiga Finding the magic of lost memories,
hidden behind the fog of the past,
surrounded by ancient walls under the starry sky of an enchanted land.

In the heart of the Sarcidano, lies a valley surrounded by the silver tones of olive trees, adorned by the green of the vineyards, the fields of wheat and the pastures dotted with white by the passing herds of sheep, here we find just a handful of houses, may we say nary more than a simple manger, in these narrow streets in the shadow of a loyal and protecting bell tower we find treasures of art enclosed between marble and naves filled with incense. A historic home from the 1800s, made comfortable thanks to a respectful restoration, welcome you to help you discover the dimensions of a time out of time, to taste again the slow rhythm of the hours that leave space to thoughts and to dreams, all wrapped up in the sweet smell of baking bread in a traditional bread oven.

Coming to the pristine nature of Sardinia, is a chance to immerse yourself in a culture that is jealously protected, this genuine version of the island, which is shared with our guest through our succulent cuisine, our traditions and the warm and respectful hospitality of which, us Sardinians are indeed proud. "Domu Antiga" (in sardinian: a historic house) is a typical home of the 1800s in Gergei located in the charming historic center. Samuel, the young owner, along with his family, has restructured the home, conserving all of its original characteristics, with the special attention and care that can come only from someone who wants to make his childhood dream come true. During the restoration, all changes made were done to reflect an authentic reproduction of the original buildings which in that time period were already using green building materials: stone, lime, wood, cork and reed canes.

One of the things that makes this place so comfortable is the fact that the temperature inside of the house remains constant all year long due to the materials used you don’t see the normal changes in the weather. This is all thanks to the type of building materials as well as a southern orientation and the protection of the “lollas” that surround the structure. The interior has been worked on in the smallest details always seeking to recreate the atmosphere of simplicity that our forefathers lived in: the soft light that enters in the antique windows during the day and the dim ones that illuminate the stone walls during the evening, the fragrance of the wooden ceiling beams, all of these will help you to trace the thread of the memories and emotions of a time passed by. “Domu Antiga”, will be definitely be a relaxing and pampered experience that will offer all the comforts of modern life fused with the beauty and charm of a historic Sardinian home.

"Domu Antiga" has four double bedrooms each with its private bathroom. The stone walls of the rooms are illuminated in the day by the light that penetrates through the juniper doors and windows of your balcony that look out on the cobblestone streets. The furnishings are practically all original and perfectly restored; the beds are raised at the head with a“antico orbace” (a type of wool characteristic of Sardinia), bed spreads and rugs made by local Sardinian artisans, furnishings inspired by a entire tradition that come together to make the atmosphere so cozy. A bountiful kitchen will await you in the morning with a rich breakfast made with only the best ingredients and even some of local delicacies. During the winter, you can enjoy breakfast next to a warm fire in a beautiful fireplace whereas during the spring and summer you can wake up and dine in front of a beautiful lawn where the perfume of the flowers in the courtyard will accompany while you taste the most genuine and authentic tastes that our kitchen has to offer.

In this little nook of comfort and tradition that is Domu Antiga even the food that is served to the guests is something of a tradition. The ingredients used here are all locally sourced and prepared according to the whims of the cook, allowing the guests to sample the delicacies of Sardinian cuisine, one that is simple and authentic, in a symphony of smells and tastes that turn out the senses and render the lunches and dinners here unforgettable. Whether dining under the antique colonnade or beside the blazing fire of the fireplace. With the abundant and tempting breakfast offered at Domu Antiga, it will all come together to make the start of what will truly be a special day.

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