Hotel Su Lithu

Su Lithu can organise a number of exciting activities to enhance your stay. Cooking classes: for those people who wish to learn the secrets of “Sardinian cooking” cooking classes are offered in the Hotel.

As part of the lesson guests become involved in the preparation of some dishes. Walking in the countryside and/or “Spuntino”- dinner: Our guests can spend an evening at “Sa Preta Ruja” accompanied by the owners, to gather fruit which is used daily in the Restaurant while admiring the Sardinian landscape. From “Sa Preta Ruja” you get a great view of “Mont’Albo”.

After visiting “Sa Preta Ruja” guests are served a meal called “Spuntino”, where produce and wine produced in “Sa Preta Ruja” are included. The experience reminds one of the old life of the shepherds and farmers.